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Why Product Labels are Essential to Your Brand Strategy

How do customers identify you? If it’s through your products, how do they know those products are yours?

By displaying your brand, your product labels have the power to take your brand strategy to the next level. Much of building a brand is visual, and that’s why your product labels are the perfect place to leverage your branding. Not only does the label explain what the product is (crucial information your customers look for), it also helps establish brand recognition and loyalty.

All of this means that when it comes to branding, the label is more important than you think. Did you know more than 60% of consumers make buying decisions based on the packaging and labeling of a product?

Labels Help Your Product Stand Out

How many competitors do you have in your market? When your product is displayed on a shelf next to your competitors’ products, does yours stand out? Or does it blend in the background as customers pass by?

Designing a professional, sleek label that displays your brand is a surefire way to set your products a part. No matter which market you’re in — health and beauty, food and beverage, or even wine, beer and spirits — displaying your brand on professional-looking product labels is crucial to beating the competition and catching eyes.

Labels are a Place for Important Information

Without a branded label, how can you properly display information like nutrition, ingredients, directions, warnings, or other need-to-know details? It’s crucial to be as clear as possible on your products so consumers’ questions are answered, right from the start. Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

For example, CBD product labels should provide all the required FDA rules, caution statements, ingredients, and active CBD amounts, as well as your marketing copy. To accomplish this, using extended content is best done using wrap-around, two-sided labels.

Labels Create Trust

Consumers want products they understand. They want to be able to pick it up, quickly figure out what it is or what it does, and trust that it will solve their problem. Without a professional label, how can consumers accomplish those things? Your labels should display your recognizable logo, include intriguing marketing copy, and display any other information your customers need to know. 

Labels Create Brand Recognition

Every company wants their brand to grow. Brand recognition takes time, but when it works, it creates a loyal customer base that knows who you are and where to find you. They look for your brand through your labels and they’re able to recognize you from your logo and brand voice. They’ve learned to trust you from your professional presence and the quality of your products. These are signs that your brand strategy is working. But remember: One thing you need to strengthen that brand recognition is product labels.

Labels Show Brand Personality

Product labels allow you to leverage different types, textures and colors — they give your brand a place to let personality shine. Don’t be like everyone else. Jump on product label trends before the competition, experiment with different kinds of labels, and make your marketing voice stand out. Not only does this uniqueness set your brand apart from competitors visually, it also piques customers’ interests and gives them an extra reason to purchase your product.

How We Can Help

Now that you know how essential labels are to your branding strategy, we’re here to help get you started. Let’s talk about what Mammoth can do for you. Contact our digital label experts today for the innovative solutions that can make your products truly shine.