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High Resolution Case Coding Inkjet Printers

Matthews Mperia T-Series Inkjet Printer

Direct carton printing with a Matthews MPERIA T-series printer is less expensive than labels or pre-printed boxes. The savings in other areas is impressive too – less warehouse space and downtime, lower material costs and lower labor costs.

Contact Mammoth to learn more about the cost and efficiency benefits of this impressive hi-res inkjet printer.

Videojet 2300 Series Inkjet Printer

Videojet high resolution inkjet printers are a cost-effective, reliable way to print directly on cardboard, outer cases and cartons, saving money on labeling and additional external packaging. From bar codes and graphics to branding and time stamps, these printers quickly prove their worth.

The 2300 series can drive up to 8 discrete printheads and prints in three directions – horizontal, up and down.

Inc.jet Core and Total Thermal Inkjet Systems

Inc.Jet’s protected, integrated printing heads make this a great choice for environments that might be difficult for other inkjet printers to perform. It can use up to four print heads that print on cases or cartons – specifically Kraft Corrugate.

If these features, plus no mess or smell, are on your list of requirements, ask us about this dependable printer and its lifetime warranty.