Embossed Labels

Labels That Literally Stand Out

An embossed label is one that has an image, lettering, textures or any part of the design pressed into the label. This creates a wonderful effect that invites touching and uses available light to add interesting shading and depth.

Label embossing is often used on wine labels, food packaging and beauty products, but the technique has excellent potential on any product.

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Custom Embossed Labels by Mammoth

Mammoth is your resource for all types of labels in any degree of production, from small, hand-crafted runs to high-volume packaging lines. Using our decades of experience and unmatched knowledge, we will work with you to enhance your brand (or help you create your brand) with trend-leading materials, textures, colors and insight into how much or how little to emboss.

We’re here to guide you and answer your questions to get a finished product you’ll be thrilled with. After all, we’re looking for long-term partnerships, not just a quick turn. We get almost as excited as you do when your business grows because your product is in demand. Once our initial work is done and you have the custom embossed labels you’ve always wanted, we remain your resource to keep labeling worries off your mind so you can do what you do best.