Tamper Evident Labels

Product Labels & Seal Designs

A security seal, tamper-evident seal, or bubble seal solutions are styles of seals that provide practical safety functions, but can also be utilized for providing information, product graphics, branding, and more. Products are largely defined by their labels as ways to communicate to customers the product types, categories, and messaging. With safety seals and security labels we are able to create a design that works with the existing branding and messaging and incorporate the design into the product packaging. We see tamper evident seals and security seals as an opportunity to extend your product labels and as another way to further reach customers.

To ensure that your safety seals are cohesive with other packaging and labels we offer a service for designing labels, security seals, tamper evident tape, and other safety seals. With existing labels and packaging designs in mind our in-house graphics team can provide designs that provide a cohesive aesthetic to the packaging as a whole. We offer unique, custom designs for these tamper evident product seals. Each product’s packaging should uniquely reflect the product and brand, and custom designed seals are an additional step in brand representation.

We offer design services in house if you need to create new label designs for your products. Whether you have existing graphics and assets for your product package or not, our pre-press team can work with your company to create a perfect design. We work with companies that have a suite of existing graphics and colors that they want incorporated into the designs. Some of our clients have us create a complete packaging design from scratch with their brand in mind, but with no existing graphics. Regardless of what your particular needs are, we are ready to help facilitate this process and deliver an excellent quality tamper evident label or seal in a quick turnaround time. We understand that when it comes to product production every step of the way is important and work with our clients to make sure deadlines are met and product labels are printed and delivered on time.

tamper evident seal

Product Seal Standards

When choosing a tamper evident seal it’s incredibly important to find a high security seal so your products stay safe and fresh. Whether you’re sealing refrigerated beverages, over the counter drugs, jarred condiments, or any other products quality is key. Tamper evident seals and indicative seals allow workers and customers to easily see if a product has been opened or tampered with. It is impossible to remove one of these seals without leaving an obvious sign or indicator that the product has been tampered with. A tamper evident seal maintains the integrity of your products on the shelf, and prevents customers from receiving a product that doesn’t meet your company’s standards.

Security seals and tamper evident tape are crucial for many products to ensure safety for consumption. Security loops can ensure tags are properly displayed and information on the product is visible. A bubble seal ensures freshness for your product, that the seal hasn’t been broken and the contents of the package are untouched.

We offer many different types of product seals and can even create seals for uniquely shaped product packaging using die cuts we create in-house. This means that we are able to provide seals for a wide range of products and our clients aren’t forced to find new packaging supplies for limited-run products or if their product packaging changes significantly. At Mammoth Labels & Packaging it is our goal to provide a smooth and seamless experience for our customers, so we work to ensure our clients have the exact label or seal they need with a design that exceeds expectation.

For more information on the different security seals, tamper evident tape, or other types of product seals please reach out to our office today. One of our experts in labels and packaging can walk you through the different options we have available and together you can discuss how our products and services can best serve your production process. We can discuss production timelines, orders, designs, and provide a quote based on your labeling and sealing needs.

Mammoth: Label and Seal Experts

As experts in the labeling and packaging field we are proud to supply for manufacturers across the country. Mammoth Labels & Packaging has over six decades of experiencing printing and providing packaging solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience means our customers receive the benefits of our longtime expertise and knowledge. We never cut corners, but have a streamlined process in order to ensure our clients get their labels, seals, and packaging materials on schedule without unnecessary delay. It is an important pillar of our company to provide a quality product that exceeds expectations and provides product packaging solutions that simply work. With our experience we understand what materials work best with different product types and package materials, which products require unique labels and seals, and can deliver all of this in a quick turnaround time.

While Mammoth offers a great line of tamper evident seals, we also provide labels for product packaging ranging from extreme temperature labels, to foil stamping, and also offer die cut labels. We have professional grade color matching systems and offer multiple printing technologies to ensure that our clients are getting the best print for their particular needs. Each print job goes through and through the approval process so when we begin the printing process we are certain you are getting a product that is exactly to spec.

Safe and Attractive Tamper Proof Seals for Finishing Your Labels

Whether you want an attractive seal to finish the look of your custom label or are required to seal a container, we have several excellent tamper-evident seals for your consideration. We can create a die cut of any shape to seal a lid of a jar or bottle, great for unusually-shaped containers. There are opportunities to reflect your branding with creative die cut tamper-evident seal stickers. Pick our brains for more creative ideas for custom tamper evident seals. We love a challenge, and have so many very cool solutions for sealing a beverage bottle, medicine bottle, salsa jar or any product packaging. Mammoth is your source for creative, functional solutions for every labeling challenge you face.

When working with Mammoth we apply redundancies throughout the design process, approval process, and printing process to be certain that when we print labels or seals they are exactly to specification. We are proud to provide an efficient and streamlined service to manufacturers across the Unites States and have our labels in grocery stores, specialty stores, breweries, cafes, restaurant supply stores, and more. We specialize in supplying our customers with high-quality printed labels and understand the importance of strict deadlines for manufacturers. If you have any questions about our services, need labels, packaging, or safety seals printed or designed please reach out to our team today.