Extended Content Labels

Double Your Label Surface While Adding Intrigue

Extended content labels are a great way to use all available space on your label while also adding visual interest and interaction. There are fun ways to execute this type of label on clear bottles, but it’s also very handy as a way to add product information you can view by peeling away a corner of the label.

Extended Content Labels

The Best Labels In The Business

While extended content labels can sound complex, with Mammoth as your label printing company, you’ll be surprised at how easily it all comes together. With our knowledge of adhesives, label materials, printing techniques and packaging materials (glass bottles, plastic jugs, etc.), you can rest easy knowing it’s going to be awesome.

If you’ve seen brands that use extended content labels, you know how cool and convenient they are. Talk to us about how this type of label could save money and reduce waste while boosting the wow factor of your brand.