Laser Marking Systems

Fast Laser Marking on Many Surfaces

Laser marking is a permanent mark on the target surface – usually metal, ceramic or glass, though it can also be used on paper, cardboard and wood. A fume extractor is required in some applications where burning the mark onto the surface releases gasses that need to be vented or removed.

Matthews Laser Marking Systems​

Matthews Laser Marking Systems

The Matthews line of laser marking systems offers powerful marking solutions for many consumer goods and industrial applications. The MPERIA management systems makes integrating a Matthews marking system easy. Laser marking systems are a great choice for all surfaces in the beverage industry, metal pipe, automotive and aerospace parts, tools and equipment as a product identifier, batch coder or any other need. Laser marking is also perfect for plastic surfaces like food packaging, pipes, clamshells and most any product identification purpose.
Videojet Laser Marking Systems

Videojet Laser Marking Systems

A well-rounded laser marking system, the Videojet offers several accessories including lenses and beam turning units. Able to produce different power outputs for varying surface types, the Videojet line of laser marking systems fits the bill for many applications.

BOFA Fume Extractors​

BOFA Fume Extractors

Sometimes required with laser marking systems, fume extractors capture hazardous fumes and dust to keep your production environment clean and safe from harmful airborne toxins. BOFA has a complete line of extractors and filter, like the AD 350 pictured here. Mammoth is very experienced in matching fume extractors with production environments, and will make sure your laser marking system is perfectly matched to the right BOFA fume extractor.

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