Pressure Sensitive Labels

Your Primary Source for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Even though it’s a very common type of label, we can’t say enough about how effective pressure sensitive labels can be. Simply put, they stick onto a product’s surface. But they also don’t require heat, water or special solvents to stick, they can easily be removed, and they can endure some pretty unfriendly environments.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

The Best Labels In The Business

Mammoth has the resources, the knowledge and the experience it takes to get you the pressure-sensitive labels you want. Options include matte and tactile finishes, pearlescent, glow-in-the-dark, coated, scented, thermochromic, metallized and a host of other enhancements to make your label memorable.

Recyclable, sustainable pressure-sensitive labels are a great option for natural foods, health products or brands that want to be conscious of waste. To that point, we can also create minimal labels that effectively convey your brand while using as little material as possible.

Our pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to the front and back of your packaging, which can be almost anything – jars, bottles, clear plastic, glass – and range in size from a small strip to a large jug and beyond. They can be applied by manually by hand as part of a hand-crafting production process, or by machine in a high-speed production line.