Pressure Sensitive Labels

Your Primary Source for Pressure Sensitive Labels

As the most common type of label (predicted to represent 67% of the label market by 2023), we can’t say enough about the effectiveness of pressure sensitive labels (PSL or PS label). Simply put, they stick onto a product’s surface when pressure is applied (kind of like a sticker), so you don’t need heat, water or any special solvents to make them stick. Depending on the type of label adhesive, they can easily be removed or endure some pretty unfriendly environments.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

While you can only see the top of a pressure sensitive label when it’s on a product, the entire label actually contains 3 layers:

  1. Liner: The backing material with release coat
  2. Adhesive: The coating that helps the label stick to the surface of a product
  3. Facestock: The coating and print surface material

Why Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

There are tons of positives when it comes to using pressure sensitive labels for your products. These popular labels work great on many different kinds of substrates, such as:
  • Film
  • Estate paper stock
  • Wood grain stock
As another bonus, pressure sensitive labels don’t require additional application steps — they already come with adhesive. This cuts out an extra step that some other label types require, like cut and stack labels which require glue. PSLs are also highly durable and customizable. You can do just about anything with a pressure sensitive label, and they work well on products that endure harsh environments like extreme cold or heat. That makes them great for:
No matter your industry, pressure sensitive labels are most likely a great solution for your products. They’re custom-made for your brand, and can be printed in both large or small quantities. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

The Best Labels In The Business

Mammoth has the resources, the knowledge and the experience it takes to get you the pressure-sensitive labels you want. The options are endless – including matte and tactile finishes, pearlescent, glow-in-the-dark, coated, scented, thermochromic, metallized and a host of other enhancements to make your label memorable.

By using either our flexo or digital printing process, we can create a wide range of graphic & finishing elements for your labels.

Our pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to the front and back of your packaging, which can be almost anything – jars, bottles, clear plastic, glass – and range in size from a small strip to a large jug and beyond. They can be applied manually by hand as part of a hand-crafting production process, or by machine in a high-speed production line.