Cut & Stack Labels

Low Cost, High Visibility

A cut and stack label is a commonly seen label in a retail environment. They typically wrap around a product can, bottle or other container and have an adhesive attaching it to the container, and another attaching it to itself – though like most labels, there are plenty of variations involved.

Mammoth is prepared to adapt any label to any situation, and cut and stack labels – also known as wet glue labels – are no exception. For straightforward, high-volume labels, we can print efficiently, quickly and reliably to keep your production line moving. And we’re just as responsive and quick with fancier requests as well. We’ve served just about every industry and every product type you can imagine, and all that experience is ready for you make use of.

We offer several finishing options for cut and stack labels, including embossing, specialty coating, die-cutting, and innovative paper and material options. And because we are a digital printing company, we can custom mark and custom print your labels in any quantity.


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