Variable Data Printing

Customization Without Limits

You see variable data printing all the time, and may not realize it. A good example is a packaged sauce with different flavor names printed on the same label design. Tickets to a sporting event or show are another example. Our thermal transfer technology means there is almost no limit to what we can do with variable data printing.

Perhaps less sexy, but just as valuable, we often do custom marking from variable data, like with an expiration and/or manufacture date on a section of a label. We can build this into the design of your label, or keep it clinical and technical to meet medical product requirements.

Variable Data Printing​

The Technology You Need with None of the Headache

Our high-tech thermal transfer printing equipment takes all of your variable data and creates output on demand, or as part of an automated cycle. We can sequentially mark labels, print variations based on where your product is going, or even do random label variations to create interest with customers.

Microbreweries are one example of how to have lots of fun with variable data printing, and can be a great source of inspiration. With any batch-produced product, labels can carry a different name, tell a new story or even sport a unique design. Talk to us about creative ways to leverage this thermal transfer printing technology. At Mammoth, we’ve got some really big ideas for you.