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In this highly competitive market, you don’t want to take chances with your wine & spirit labels. Your label must make an impactful first impression and engage consumers so they become your customers. Wine and beverage label creation is one area where experience is everything, and Mammoth has decades of it. We’ve worked with brewers, vintners and distillers of all types and sizes – each one unique and exceptional in their own way. We look forward to helping you turn plain spirit and wine bottles into eye-catching products through custom labels and stickers.

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Custom Wine Labels & Champagne Labels

Wine creates as engaging a connection with its consumer as any product you can buy. Drinking wine creates a powerful engagement with all the senses – especially sight, smell and taste – while connecting the consumer with the story behind the wine, its vintage, location, and history of the winery.

A great champagne or wine label has to convey as much of this experience as possible before the wine is even opened. Whatever your experience may be, the right wine label sets the tone from the moment consumers see your wine and beverage products on store shelves. The design of your wine bottle label – from the materials used, to decorative elements, to content like features and flavor notes – shows your customers what to expect from your wine.

At Mammoth, we love working with wineries to develop their custom wine labeling. It’s a powerfully creative and popular market, and there are so many amazing options to choose from. Whether you’re an up-and-coming vintner or an established brand, we can do incredible things for you, and with you. We will help tell your story with label design, including unusual papers and foils, creative and durable inks and engaging textures.

Label Types for Wine, Spirits & Liquor

Standard labels for wine and other beverages need to endure a lot. Thankfully, we’ve worked with bottle labels a lot! From embossed labels for fine wines and high-end spirits to waterproof labels for beer bottles and wine coolers, we’ve done it all. But it’s never a run-of-the-mill experience with us. Each new wine or beverage is another opportunity to do something awesome together. We look forward to creating custom labels to help your wine make a memorable first impression.

We produce a wide variety of custom wine labels and custom wine stickers, so you can choose the ones that are perfect for your wine and your brand. Two-sided label are great for clear beverages and make product information more visually interesting. They’re also a convenient way to provide additional content that standard wine bottle labels don’t have room for.

Hang tags and collars lend a really unique and high-class look to your wine. With our high-quality materials, inks, and design capabilities, your hang tag will have the perfect mix of art and information. die cut labels are also popular for custom labels. Die cutting allows us to create wine labels with unique shapes for unique products. We’ll explain these wine labels and all our other options to you so you can feel confident in your selection. We’ll help change custom wine labels and wine bottle stickers from a source of stress to a point of pleasure!

Unique Brands Need Unique Wine Labels & Spirit Labels

Your wine is one of a kind – your wine bottle should be, too! Our state-of-the-art equipment offers wine, champagne, spirit and liquor label types and application techniques like no other. In addition to sleek die cuts, we offer embossing, which gives your wine labels a custom raised design, such as raised letting, images, or textures. Embossing is a gorgeous option for wine bottles as it adds interesting depth and shading and invites touching. We also offer foil stamping. Foil adds a bold look and touch of shine to wine labels, making them more eye-catching. We offer a wide range of stocks and finishes to help your wine bottle labels stand out.

Mammoth makes it easy to order and apply custom wine bottle labels and wine stickers. After providing an estimate, we’ll use your existing artwork to create a proof of your wine labels or wine stickers. If you need custom graphic design work, our in-house team is ready to help. Once you approve the proof, we’ll create the labels for your wine bottles. You’ll then receive a delivery with your wine labels or wine stickers. We also offer label applicators to make it faster and easier to apply your new wine labels.

Let us take your wine or spirit label from good to great!

Short Runs? No problem!

We work with businesses of all sizes, so we know that sometimes you need a short run of labels to test a product, or to run a seasonal wine or beverage. We totally understand and will work with you to get the price and run size to a spot where it makes sense for your budget.
Don’t let the name fool you, we’re fast!