Foil Stamped Labels

Custom Foil Stamping Leaves a Lasting Impression

By adding hot or cold foil to your custom labels, they take on a bold look that’s hard to miss, helping to command the attention your product deserves. These metallic foils simply can’t be achieved with a normal printing press. It takes a label printing company focused on quality with the right equipment to make it all possible and get the exceptional results you are looking for.

Mammoth creates foil labels using high-quality materials, professional equipment, and a knowledgeable team to ensure your custom designs and finished products look great. We even have in-house designers who can work with you to create custom roll labels, stickers, and more. Let us bring your vision for your products and packaging to life.

Add a Touch of Shine with Foil Stamp Labels

Foil labels are a great way to add eye-catching detail to your products and give them a high-quality appearance. Using a state-of-the-art finishing machine, we stamp a thin sheet of foil to your custom labels, causing it to stick in precise areas for a touch of shine. When you choose Mammoth for your foil labels, you can select from a variety of colors to add personality to your designs while keeping them on brand. Foil labels enhance your product’s packaging, making the product look higher value and your brand look more professional.

There are two types of foil labels to choose from: hot foil labels and cold foil labels. The type we use on your product depends on the look you want and the material of the label, also called the substrate. Foil labels can also be made by applying ink over foils to create a custom design. Our team is happy to discuss the many substrates available and the different foil label options, so you know which is best for your products.

Foil Stamped Labels​ for Root Honey Blends

Nail That First Impression with Foil Stamped Labels

If you’re not sure what kind of labels to use – whether hot foil or cold foil stamping is for you – contact Mammoth and we’ll take the time to get to know your packaging and your goals before making a recommendation. We have the technology to create exceptional flexo and digital-printed custom labels, the knowledge to select the right adhesives for your label and some great insights into how your foil labels can be exceptional.

When you partner with us, you get expert insights, efficient production and exceptional results. We’ll guide you through the designing and printing process, so you know what to expect each step of the way. We know how to work with unusual packaging and product shapes in ways other printers don’t. In short, you’ll be glad you made the call! 

Hot Foil Labels and Cold Foil Labels

Hot stamp foil labels are made by applying a sheet of foil over your custom labels and pressing a hot plate onto it. The plate features an engraved design, and the pressure and heat of the plate causes the foil to adhere to your label in that design. The remaining foil on the sheet is pulled away. The result is a custom label featuring a sleek metallic design.   

Cold foil stamp labels are made by applying a UV-curable adhesive to your custom product labels in a specific design. A sheet of foil is then pressed onto the substrate, where it attaches to the adhesive and is cured using ultraviolet light. The leftover foil is removed, leaving behind a stunning metallic design. Cold stamping is a less expensive option when working with materials that are sensitive to high temperatures, such as plastic.

Foil Label Options for All Your Products

Our foil labels are perfect for a variety of products across a wide range of markets, including beer, wine and spirits, food and beverage, candles, health and beauty, cannabis and CBD, supplements, and more. Mammoth has years of experience working with companies in various industries, so we know how to take your custom labels to the next level. We understand the unique packing needs in each industry and will work with you to create the best custom solutions.

Foil labels and stickers elevate the look of your products to attract and impress your customers. Whether you’re selling bottled beverages, beauty products, specialty foods, candles, health and wellness products, or other great products, creating custom foil stamped labels is an effective way to make your products stand out from the rest.


Choose from Foil Roll Labels, Stickers, Decals, and More

The foil stamp process can be used on many different materials, allowing you to create a variety of custom foil labels. With Mammoth, you can enhance your products with custom labels for bottles, jars and tubes, as well as create hang tags and collars, die cuts, foil stickers, decals, roll labels, invitations, and other custom items for your products. 

The foil stamp process is perfect for bottles, like beer bottles, wine bottles, and spirits bottles. Roll labels, which are great for a variety of products, can also be decorated with foils. Unique packaging makes your products more interesting to customers and adding metallic details to your custom designs is a great way to catch their eyes and make a great first impression.

You can also embellish jars and tubes with metallic details. Candles, food jars, beauty products, and soaps are just some of the product types that look great with sleek foils on their custom packaging. Additionally, you can add metallic shine to custom hang tags and collars, which are ideal for beer kegs, clothing, and more. Die cuts, such as those that rest at the top of candles, are perfect for decorating with metallic designs. Die cuts feature a custom shape based on the specific needs of your unique products. Cut and stack labels, which use a wet glue to adhere to the product, can also be enhanced with colorful foils.

Stamping works well on a range of materials, including plastic, felt, and paper. When working with Mammoth, you can choose from a variety of papers, including gloss stock, matte stock, and textured papers. We’re happy to explain the different materials we have so you can pick what’s best for your brand and products.

Design Your Own Custom Foil Labels and Embossed Labels

Create custom, one-of-a-kind foil labels and stickers with professional foil stamp services from Mammoth. Choose from a variety of materials, color options, shapes, and sizes to make the perfect additions to your unique products. Custom stickers and labels are the perfect way to showcase your brand’s personality and pique customer intrigue.

Our foils and inks come in a variety of color options, so you can choose the color combination that best matches your brand and products. Thanks to our digital and flexographic printing processes, we can print 98-99% of Pantone color options. You can also choose from a variety of label shapes and sizes or have a design custom made. Want to elevate the look of your foil labels? We also offer embossing, which adds raised lettering, images, or textures to the packaging, creating intriguing depth and shading and inviting customers to touch the products. 

Whatever the perfect foil stamped label looks like to you, we can bring your vision to life. Mammoth’s in-house graphic design team offers a range of prepress services, including designing, plate making, prototyping, creating mock-ups, making press proofs, and more. We’ll discuss your vision for your products, walk you through the custom design and creation process, and send you a proof to review before printing your design to ensure it’s exactly how you want it. When it’s approved, we’ll use our skills and state-of-the-art equipment to turn your concept into reality. 

Our Process

We strive to make the custom label ordering process and easy as possible. After you provide details about your project, an account manager will send you an estimate. We can use your existing artwork when designing your order, or you can work with our designers to create something new. When the design is ready, we’ll send you a proof for your approval. We’ll begin the order process once we have received your approval as well as your customer profile form. You will receive an order confirmation to keep for your records. We create and ship your order as quickly as possible and send you tracking information. We also process your payment within 24 hours of shipping your order.