Custom Die Cut Labels

Custom Die Cut Labels: Uncommon Results From a Common Type of Label

A label doesn’t have to be square, round or something expected. A custom die cut from Mammoth can do wonders for your logo, your brand and your product. Instead of printing within the borders of an already-cut sheet of labels, we print on a blank sheet of material, then die cut the custom shape of your labels out of the sheet. They’re a great solution for unusually shaped packages and for many different environments, but it takes a skilled company to pull off amazing things. And Mammoth is that company. 

The Power of Custom Die Cut Stickers

At Mammoth Labels & Packaging, we understand that stickers are more than just pieces of adhesive paper. They’re powerful tools that can elevate your brand, enhance your product’s packaging, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. While square and round roll labels and stickers are common, custom die cut labels offer a world of possibilities that can truly set your brand apart from the competition.

Our Die Cut Label Markets

Endless Creativity with Unique Shapes

One of the most exciting aspects of custom die cutting is the ability to create unique shapes that perfectly complement your brand identity. Whether you want your labels to mimic the contours of your product, showcase an intricate logo design, or represent a symbol that embodies your company’s values, we can bring your vision to life through labels die cut to specific shapes and labels sizes.

Our skilled team of designers and technicians will work closely with you to understand your brand’s personality and objectives. We can craft custom shapes that seamlessly integrate with your packaging to catch the eye of your customers and create a memorable experience.

Perfect Fit for Unconventional Packaging

Unconventional packaging designs require labels that are equally as extraordinary. When your product doesn’t conform to standard shapes or sizes, custom die cut stickers become an invaluable solution. Whether you have uniquely shaped bottles, curved containers, or irregularly sized packaging, our die cutting process ensures a precise fit every time.

By printing on a blank sheet of material and then meticulously cutting out the desired shape, we ensure that your custom design seamlessly adheres to your product, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This attention to detail demonstrates your commitment to quality and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Tailored for Diverse Environments

Not all roll labels are created equal, especially when it comes to the demands of different environments. With our customized die cut labels, you can rest easy knowing that your stickers will withstand the challenges of harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and exposure to sunlight.

We understand that durability is crucial, especially for labelling that’s used in industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. That’s why we offer a wide range of materials suitable for diverse environments, ensuring that your stickers remain vibrant, legible, and intact throughout their lifespan. Choose from papers, polypropylene, metallics, and more.

Our skilled team of designers and technicians will work closely with you to understand your brand’s personality and objectives. We can craft custom shapes that seamlessly integrate with your packaging to catch the eye of your customers and create a memorable experience.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

At Mammoth Labels & Packaging, we understand that every brand has a story to tell, and custom die cut labels provide the perfect canvas to unleash your brand’s potential – labels expand upon your brand’s story. By investing in unique and visually striking stickers, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to excellence and innovation.

Custom die cut labels not only catch the eye of your customers but also create a sense of anticipation and excitement. They invite people to explore your product, to engage with your brand, and to become loyal advocates. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we’re confident that our custom die cut labels will help you achieve extraordinary results and unlock new opportunities for your business.

High-Quality Materials for Custom Labels

To make your custom labels and stickers look amazing, we use high-quality materials that offer durability and style. Choose from a variety of paper types, such as glossy, metallic, textured, matte, laminate, and more. We can also make labels and stickers from polypropylene, polyolefin, and more. Not sure which material is best for your product? Our team is happy to discuss the adhesive label paper and other materials we have available and share the benefits they provide.

Add Decorative Detail to Your Die Cut Labels

When you want to make your custom cut labels and stickers stand out even more, consider adding details like foil stamping or embossing. These techniques add extra shine or texture to your cut label, helping it catch the customer’s eye and encouraging the customer to engage with your product. 

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the process of adding foil to your cut labels and stickers to decorate them with a touch of metallic shine. We can achieve this glossy look through either hot foil stamping, cold foil stamping, or printing a design in ink on top of a foil background. You can choose from a wide range of metallic foil colors so your foil-stamped stickers or cut labels align with your branding. Foil stamping is also a great way to make your product look higher-end.


Embossing is the process of creating a raised design in your custom cut stickers and labels, giving them a 3D element. Letters, images, and other features can be embossed. This style adds intriguing detail to the stickers and invites the customer to touch the product. Embossing can be done on a variety of stickers and roll labels, including those for food packaging, wine bottles, beauty products, and more.

Our Process

Ready to make your roll labels or roll of stickers? Send us information about the die cuts you need and one of our helpful account managers will provide a quote for your printing project. If you need assistance creating the label’s design, our graphic design team is happy to help. If you have existing artwork, we can use that, too. When the roll labels and stickers have been designed, we’ll send you proofs for rounds of reviews. Following the reviews, you’ll approve the labels view proof and provided your customer profile form. Then, we’ll start creating your order and provide you with an order confirmation. When your roll labels or stickers are ready, we’ll send them to you as quickly as possible, along with tracking information. We typically process payment withing 24 hours after your order ships. We strive to make our process as quick and simple as possible to give you the best customer experience.

Partner with Mammoth Labels & Packaging

When it comes to custom stickers, Mammoth is the company you can trust to deliver exceptional results. With our skilled team, state-of-the-art equipment, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve earned a reputation as a leading provider of high-quality labels.

Whether you’re a small startup, a growing business, or an established brand, we have the expertise to handle your unique labeling needs. From design conceptualization to final production, we’ll guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your custom die cut stickers exceed your expectations. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our printing options, roll labels, and stickers, and visit our social media pages to browse photos and reviews.

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