Automatic Label Applicator

Automate Your Label Application Process

We’re your one-stop-shop for labeling equipment, from helping you select a solution to servicing and maintaining your equipment. We know the capabilities of each piece of equipment and how to create a label application workflow, or integrate labeling equipment into your existing process.

Our Labeling Equipment Solutions

Apply or print & apply labels to shipping cases, bottles, jars, pallets, or any type of product.

Semi-automatic applicators

for lower volumes.

Fully automatic applicators

or print and apply labelers for higher volume applications

Complete labeling systems

that include an integrated conveyor and accumulation table

Our Customers

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Selecting Labeling Equipment for Cases & Products

"Semi-automatic" labelers

For round, flat or tapered products.
Prices starting at $1,900.
Estimated throughput: 20 products per/min.

  • Primera AP550 and AP360 Round and Flat product applicators.
  • Auto Labe 550S Round Product Applicator
  • Auto Labe 560S Flat Product Applicator
  • Auto Labe 565S Tapered Product Applicator

“Automatic" Labelers

For applying or printing and applying labels.
Prices range from $10,000 to $25,000.
Estimated throughput: 40 ppm and up.

  • Pack Leader Tabletop Elf Series Applicators for top and wrap labeling.
  • Auto Labe 110S and 140S for wipe-on or tamp-down applications.
  • Auto Labe 155 Print and Apply Labeler.
  • Videojet 9550 Print and Apply Labeler

"Labeling" Systems

Complete labeling systems that include integrated conveyors and/or accumulation tables. Designed for high speed, precision labeling.
Price range: $30,000 and up.

  • Auto Labe 620S and 680S for round products and front and back applications.
  • Quadrel Econoline for round products and front and back applications.

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