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Mammoth Labels & Packaging

Mammoth Labels & Packaging is dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ product and manufacturing needs are met with industry standard label and packaging solutions. For over 60+ years our company has provided our service to product manufacturing businesses nationally and we continue to offer a variety of custom label solutions from custom designed artwork to leasing on-location equipment. We know and understand the importance of a stand-out product label and how packaging alone drives up sales. As label experts we utilize our comprehensive understanding to highlight your products with a variety of quality labels delivered in a quick time frame.

Why Label with Mammoth?

With our extensive experience we succeed in streamlining our client’s production, saving them time with labeling, providing technical support on equipment, and delivering their labels on schedule. We work with many types of packaging and materials and understand how pairing each product with the correct type of label not only saves you time but improves customer experience. We have extensive experience in thermal transfer labels, roll labels, extreme temperature labels, jar & tube labels, extended content labels, foil stamped labels, wet glue labels, hang tags and more. From the material that keeps your labels looking sharp throughout the intended use of the product to the adhesive that stops it from degrading due to external elements we will make sure your labels endure.

Our Labeling Experience

With over six decades of experience we’ve got a leg up on most printing challenges and with every new challenge can utilize our vast array of experiences to meet any project head on with a rapid turnout time. We have experience in a wide range of markets including beauty products, mass manufactured foods and beverages, supplements, and we continue to keep adding more to our catalog.

Our Label Markets


Label and Packaging Solutions Team

Based in Columbus, Ohio our tight-knit team is committed to helping build your business year-after-year and product-after-product. Combined we have hundreds of years of label solutions experience and through an endless variety of projects we have mastered the packaging and labeling industry inside and out. Our committed employee-owners go above and beyond to find the best product solutions for every company we work alongside. Custom service is provided for each of our client’s labeling needs to ensure each product meets not only your standard, but also ours.

Labeling & Printing Products

Our lasting experience in custom label and packaging solutions means we’ve worked with many different labeling equipment and printers. We both sell and lease equipment that we have used ourselves, know well, and trust. We sell labeling equipment for cases and products, Laser Marking Systems, and coding and marking equipment solutions. We are ready to consult you on any equipment you may need for your product manufacturing and packaging process. We know how each equipment model will perform and how to best pair them with individual use cases.

Label Automation Equipment Leasing

When you automate the label application process it is important you’re using the correct equipment to maximize efficiency. With semi-automatic and automatic label applications you can greatly improve the speed at which labels are applied to your products. We offer equipment leasing options through the leasing partners we work with as a way to make applying labels even more affordable. In addition to leasing we have options for financing equipment so you can receive the power and financial benefits of working with label and packaging equipment immediately. Reach out to us today to see if this is a good option for your business.

Installs & Technical Service Support

When dealing with specialty equipment we understand that servicing and technical troubleshooting can be a headache. We offer an installation service so you’re sure that your equipment is running as it should be on day one. Should anything go wrong we also offer technical service support. With printers, label systems, and other equipment we know first hand that when a machine isn’t functioning to its fullest capabilities you’re losing time and money. Having a technical service team at your disposal keeps everything running smoothly.

Mammoth is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Mammoth Labels & Packaging is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified, a standard in meeting the needs of our clients through our excellent and efficient management system. Providing excellent service is at the forefront of what we believe in, and we believe our products are of the utmost quality. It will continue to be our goal that our custom labels, production solutions, and every service we offer will always meet our own personal standard we set every day.

Label Approval Process

We implement a thorough label approval process to eliminate any errors so that when your labels are delivered they are perfectly within specs the first time. We will ask you to review and confirm the colors, text, white file, artwork elements, etc. Once we have confirmed that the labels meet all of the specifications and necessary guidelines we will send the approved file to our printers.

Additional Label and Printing Services Offered

Artwork & Graphics

The artwork of a label is a major factor in the marketing of any product and we know that reaching customers through labels is a key factor in increasing product sales. We are easily able to work with your in-house or highered designers to ensure your label concepts and designs match the printed labels perfectly on the first try. In some cases our graphic/pre-press team will work with our clients to create labels to match existing designs within their company. We a;so have a roster of designers that we can refer you to that will be able to turn any label inspiration you have into beautiful artwork.

Color Matching

We utilize both digital printing and flexographic processes for printing labels and are able to print nearly any custom color. We are able to match 98% of Pantone colors digitally by using CMYK which allows more control over orange and violet colors to get the perfect match. If you have non-digital colors picked out for your labels we have a spectrophotometer that allows us to find an almost identical color to your sample meaning the color of your label will be essentially indistinguishable from the sample. If you have an idea for a custom label color and need consulting please reach out to our team and we will be glad to help you start the process. When manufacturing custom label colors it is crucial to be precise along every step of the process from color matching to sending the labels to the printers.

Regulatory Consulting

If you’re producing a new line of products and have any questions or concerns about regulatory requirements that may be necessary for your labels, reach out to us for a consultation. We can guide you through the process so there are no concerns when your products are ready to go to market. We have extensive experience in observing these regulations and making sure our labels meet all requirements.

Let’s Label Something Great

If you’re interested in working with us please reach out for a sample pack. We will ship a sample pack of our favorite labels that we print. For more information on how we can implement our 60+ years of experience to create the perfect label for your products contact us today. Our team of digital experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to working with you for all of your label and packaging solutions.