Candle Labels

Unique Candle Labels Worthy of Your Creations

A memorable candle experience begins with a label that speaks to the quality inside. Make your candle stand out with labels from Mammoth that invite a sniff of what’s inside and inspire confidence in your product. Our candle labels are memorable and beautiful, mysterious and intriguing, bold and colorful – whatever you desire!

We provide all types of labels for your candle creativity, and can add batch numbering, date codes, bar codes and any type of custom tagging or labeling you need. And whether your business makes limited batches in small quantities, or high-volume production, you can count on Mammoth to keep your production line running.

We have access to state-of-the-art printing technology with all the advantages of flexo and digital printing; fast turnaround times, unlimited customization and unmatched quality. And then there’s our service, which is simply the best.

Custom Candle Labels

Need a label but don’t have a design yet? No problem! Our design team knows how to nail truly awesome labels the first time around. In fact, we’re most valuable to you when we start working together early on. We’ll help plan your future growth with you, point out potential packaging challenges and either help you design your labels, or handle the entire design process for you.

If you want to get creative and try some alternative candle label materials, we can really push the envelope with you and provide some truly stand-out labels that make a powerful impression. Whatever you decide to do, you can count on us for outstanding label solutions with far fewer worries.

Shipping Your Candles

When you’re further down the production line and it’s time to box up your candles and ship them to the store or warehouse, we have the marking, coding and printing solutions to keep your product humming along. Whether you need printing on the box, print and apply labels or laser marking, we can help! And those same solutions will help you track your inventory, mark batches of products, add date codes and more.

We can help you put labels on your product or carton.

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