We do not have a minimum label quantity, however, our minimum order is amount is $260 not including the cost of any tooling, tax and shipping.

We do have a version change charge if you have multiple versions at quantities less than 500 each.  There is a nominal charge of $7 for versions less than 500 labels. 

We do our absolute best to ship within 8 business days from artwork/proof approval. Sometimes delays in materials affect this, but we communicate expected ship dates at time of order confirmation and throughout the time until your order is shipped.

*Please note that all of our substrate vendors are experiencing longer than usual lead times. Your Account Manager will let you know at time of order if these lead times affect your order.*

We offer several methods of payment.

Credit Terms
If you requested and were approved for credit terms, you’ll receive an invoice to pay off of a few days after your order has shipped.  Our standard terms are 30 days from invoice.  You can pay your invoice by check, credit card or ACH.

Credit Card
We currently accept Visa and Mastercard for credit card payments. We now have an easy feature on your invoice that will allow you to pay your invoice by credit card.  If you set up your credit card information on your Customer Profile Form and are on credit card terms, we will use that card on file unless you instruct us differently at of order.  All credit card terms customers are charged at time your order ships.

Our accounting department can set up an ACH route for you. Just ask!

Yes! You will receive a PDF proof to carefully review. During this time, we ask that you review text, colors, artwork elements, white file (for metallic or clear materials) etc. to make sure it is exactly how you want it to print. Once you give us “Approval” we use that file to print.

Yes! We call these printed copies “Press Proofs”. For a nominal charge, we will set your label up for printing and finishing – just not die cut. This gives you a general idea of what your final label will look like. If you’re wanting to see several different finishes, this is the best way to try them to see which you like best. Your Account Manager can help you with pricing.

Unwind directions dictate how the rolls of labels are produced so that the labels are facing in the right direction on the roll at the time of application. It is usually only important to specify an unwind direction when the labels are going to be machine-applied to end products, and it ensures that the applicator is receiving and dispensing the labels in the right direction on the containers they’re being applied to.

Refer to this illustration for a visual explanation.

We will typically send your order via UPS or FedEx.  If you have asked us to send your order in a specific manner or on your carrier account, we will arrange for this to occur.  If you are local to us in Columbus, Ohio, we will ask if you’d like your order couriered to your location.  If you’d like your order sent with expedited service, please let your Account Manager know so our Shipping department can make those arrangements.


We have a graphics/pre-press team that can take your inspiration and turn it into your label artwork. This can take extra time and it is not included in our turn around time frames. We also have a few graphic designers we can offer a referral. Please speak to your Account Manager for pricing.

Our upload requirements can be found below. You may upload any artwork using the form on this page.

 300 PPI Resolution in CMYK or Grayscale Color Mode
File Formats: .ai .psd .pdf .eps
Fonts: Outlined or Postscript Type 1

Minimum Sizes
Barcode Quiet Zone: 1/8″
Rule Width: 0.5pt
Spacing from Art to Die: 1/8″
Minimum Bleed: 1/8″
Text: 4pt
UPC: 75%
Minimum Screen: 3%

The label size should be determined by your application. Many times, your container supplier will give you recommended label or printing area. If not, try cutting pieces of paper and taping them on the product until you find the right size.

If we do not have a cutting die already in house that matches your size, it would be necessary to order a custom die for your project. This is a one-time charge and is added to your order. If at any time, the die needs replaced, we replace it at our cost. If you can be flexible with your size, often times we have a die size close to what your project requires. Just let us know when you request an estimate and we can look for a closest die size for you!


Because we have both flexographic and digital printing processes, we can print just about any color! Digitally, we use CMYK with the ability to add orange and violet to hit 98% of pantone colors. Flexographic, we use true pantone colors and can hit 99% of pantone colors. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

If you can supply us a color sample or swatch, we can use our spectrophotometer to get as close as possible to your sample.

We can print on so many substrates, it’s probably easier for us to list what we can’t print on, but here’s an example of common materials used. Don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask! We have many materials available and we can send you samples!

Metalized (silver)

Polypropylene (BOPP)
Metalized (silver)

Polyolefin (for squeeze applications)
Metalized (silver)

Specialty Materials
Bio-degradable and sustainable options

We pride ourselves in getting to know the exact application for your labels so we can match the material and adhesive to create the most durable label possible for your products! We educate you on the types of adhesives and why a “permanent” adhesive doesn’t fit all “permanent” applications.

The adhesive options are just as vast as material options. From freezer-friendly to recloseable; wet apply to fully removeable, we have the adhesive to best fit your application.

Cold Foil uses a polymer plate to apply a UV-curable adhesive and is printed on the substrate in the shape of the design that is to be foiled.  The foil is then pressed onto the material and is stripped away where no adhesive was printed. This is most economical way to achieve a foil effect. 

For Hot Foil stamping, a metal or copper die of the design to be foiled is mounted above the substrate and is then heated.  The hot stamp foil, a metalized PET film with a heat activated adhesive, runs between the die and substrate.  When pressure is applied from the die onto the material, the foil is fixed to the substrate’s surface.  Because pressure is a main ingredient to hot foiling, the foil has dimension and a distinct feel. 

Both cold foil and hot foil for labels are available in a wide array of colors and reflectivity.


There are many factors that determine the best inkjet printing technology for a given application.  For example:  size of the text to be printed; number of lines of information needed; speed of the substrate as it passes the printer;  type of material being printed on (glass, plastic, wood, corrugated, other); color and shape of the material; high or low resolution printing required; life expectancy of the printed information, your budget, etc.

We offer printers from several manufacturers that use a variety of technologies: Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), Drop on Demand (DOD), and more.  If you would like us to help you select the best technology printer for your specific application, you can contact a Mammoth product specialist at 800-452-9010.

Yes!  Mammoth provides both installation and ongoing technical service support for all of the products we sell.

Yes, we offer both semi-automatic and automatic label applicators that will greatly improve and the number of products you can label per minute.  To help you select the perfect applicator for your business, we just need answers to a few questions so please give us a call at800-452-9010 or send an email with photos of your label and product.  We will be happy to send you videos of both types of semi-automatic applicators OR work with you on designing a fully automatic label applicator.

Yes!  Through our equipment leasing partners, Mammoth offers equipment leasing for 1 to 5 year terms at competitive monthly lease rates.  Once we know the estimated total of the equipment you need, we can quickly provide a budgetary monthly lease price and get you prequalified for financing.  Please give us a call at 800-452-9010 to get started.

Customer Service

If your project is best suited for our flexographic printing presses, you will see Plate Charge on your estimate. Plates are used to lay the ink down on the material. Depending on your artwork, you may have multiple plate charges.

We strive to provide you with the best possible label project experience. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please contact your Account Manager or Business Development Manager within 30 days of receiving your order. We will work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs, whether that means reprinting your order at no additional cost or crediting your account so you can place a new order. Policies are subject to change without prior notification.