what are wet glue labels

What Are Wet Glue Labels and Are They Right For Your Product?

Wet glue labels are exactly as they sound — paper labels that need glue to stick to a product. They’re a common type of label used on all sorts of products and materials. These labels are also called cut-and-stack labels because they’re cut into a specific shape after printing and then stacked. 

Unlike self-adhesive labels, which already have the adhesive backing, wet glue labels require a separate label glue or label adhesive. During the labelling process, that glue is applied so the label will adhere to the product.

And while it sounds like wet glue labels have a longer application process, they’re actually the ideal choice when printing large quantities and/or longer runs. They’re a cost-effective solution, so many customers find them budget-friendly. And in terms of design and appearance, they’re right up to par with any other type of label.

Custom label makers can choose from several finishing options for wet glue labels, including embossing, specialty coating, die-cutting, and innovative paper and material options.

Are Wet Glue Labels Right for Your Product?

Wet glue labels typically wrap around a product can, bottle or other container. It’s a common label material used on glass bottles, jars and plastic. That makes wet glue labels perfect for:

  • Sauces
  • Salad dressings
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Health and beauty products
  • Cannabis and CBD products
  • Beer bottles
  • Wine and spirits
  • And more

Are you worried about the label falling apart in harsh environments? Wet glue labels can maintain their stiffness and are moisture absorbent. This material is water resistant for products that sweat or are exposed to moisture, such as beer bottles or hair products.

If you have the need for a shorter run and fewer labels, self-adhesive might be the more suitable material for your product. But if you’re going to have a longer run and larger quantities of labels, wet glue labels are the way to go.

No matter which label type you choose, you can get the same high-quality design and printing finishes. The main difference between choosing wet glue labels or a different type is the process for adhering the label to the product. The outer appearance will still be visually-appealing no matter which type of label you create.

If there is one downside to wet glue labels, it’s that the application process might take a little longer. Because the labels need the addition of glue before they’re placed on the product, it’s an extra step in the process. Once printed and cut, self-adhesive labels are ready to be applied to the product immediately.

Wet glue labels are a great option for a variety of products. They’re cost-effective, agile, water-resistant, and high-quality. They’re everything you need in a custom label solution that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

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