2022 Product Label Trends We See Coming

When it comes to creating appeal for your product, you know the importance of the label. You also know how the label helps showcase your brand and portray the quality of the product beneath it. And lastly (but certainly not least), the label displays must-know information to buyers such as ingredients, nutrition information, directions for usage, and safety warnings.

If you’re designing new labels in 2022, you should strive for something beyond what your competitors are doing. Keep these product label trends in mind so that as the creation process begins, you’re on the cutting edge.

Monochromatic Color

In 2022, you can expect simplicity to take center stage, especially when it comes to color. We’re going to see more and more labels that use combinations like black on black or white on white. This combo creates a subtle look yet has unique visual interest. And even though it’s simplistic, it stands out with its detail.

monochromatic product labels
embossed product labels


The traditional way to achieve texture on product labels is through embossing. An embossed label is one that has an image, lettering, textures, or any part of the design pressed into the label. This creates a wonderful effect that invites touching and uses available light to add interesting shading and depth.

The new 2022 trend is the lesser-known method of raised ink. This is achieved by building layers of white ink on a digital press. Why is it trending in popularity? This process actually saves on cost by not needing to create and use additional plates. (And we think it looks pretty cool, too.)

Flat Illustrations

If you want your product label to be unique, consider this simple technique that allows for tons of creativity. The flat illustrations certainly catch the eye with clean lines. Bonus: If you love color, you’ll be glad to know that flat illustrations can be used with a wide range of colors, or just a few shades if that’s more your style.

flat illustration product labels
tamper evident seal label

Non-Traditional Protective Labels

Typically tamper evident seals are a standard need, and not a lot of creativity or thought is given to their design. Manufacturers use them for a specific purpose: to finish the look of the custom label or as a safety requirement to seal a container. In 2022, we’re predicting that will change, since protective labels are actually untapped design real estate for logos or other brand content.

Simplistic Geometry

Did you know that visuals are retained by the human brain much easier than other forms of information, such as text? When you think about your product label design, consider how you can use symbols and visuals to display what you might normally show with words. Sometimes messages can be universally communicated through simple shapes and colors. For example, you can portray the word “no” with a red circle and line through it.

We expect this to be a growing trend for 2022 product labels, since using simple geometry or shapes gives you almost endless possibilities for design.

geometric product label design

Stay on the forefront of product label design by keeping the above five trends in mind. Give your products new labels that will not only communicate your brand message and the quality of the product, but help them stand out in ways your competitors can’t match.

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