Meat and Cheese Labels

Making Your Meat and Cheese Labels Stand Out

It’s all in the details. This saying is especially true when it comes to making meat and cheese labels stand out on store shelves. Details take your labels from simple and unimpressive to credible, bold, and memorable.

So, how can you make sure you choose proper meat and cheese labels to take your products to the next level? And, beyond that, how can you make sure the labels help consumers choose you over competitors?

Adhesive/Material Combination is Vital

Not all adhesives are created equal, because not all adhesives are able to withstand a freeze, thaw, moisture combination. Because meat and cheese products require refrigeration, you have to make sure your labels can withstand extreme conditions.

As you embark on the label making process, talk to your label designer about the proper adhesives for your type of product. He or she will ensure your labels can stand up to cold and moisture.

Quality Meat and Cheese Labels Matter

Quality matters — not only for the taste of your meat and cheese products, but for the packaging, too. Labels tell consumers what they need to know about your product before they taste it. They set expectations, show off your brand, establish credibility, and most importantly, they keep foods fresh.

Of course you want your labels to stand out from competitors’ brands sitting right next to yours. But as you get there, you don’t have time for downtime. Good label makers understand how important time is to your business. It’s the one thing you can’t get back when it’s lost. 

In addition to outstanding quality, it’s completely possible to move your labels from pre-press, to press, to you FAST, giving you minimal downtime and more time to outshine competitors.

Label Cost Impacts Your Bottom Line

To stay competitive, you’ve got to stick to your budget. That means you can’t blow it on over-priced, custom labels. You need a label maker who produces high-quality packaging at an affordable price so you can sell more and stay in the green. Trust us — it is possible to find both.

Use Unique Applications and Designs

If you think outside the box for your meat and cheese labels, you’re sure to stand out on store shelves. Instead of using the same traditional materials and applications that your competitors use, try something different. 

You’ve also got to think about product visibility. The label on meat or cheese products is often the first exposure a consumer has to a brand, and when they enjoy that product, they keep the association in mind so they can find that label again later. Give them something to remember before they taste your product — make your label design unique.

Go Custom Labels

If you truly want your meat and cheese labels to stand out on store shelves, you should think twice about going with a templated design. Who’s to say your competitors aren’t doing the same thing? Custom is the way to go, because no one will have labels quite like yours. If you don’t want to blend in, don’t use the same materials and designs that everyone else is using.

Meat and cheese products have their own unique challenges when it comes to labels. We know all the issues you’re facing, and we have solutions. Follow the above guidelines and your product label won’t skimp on visibility, flexibility or shelf impact.

How We Can Help

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