Wine Labels – From Concept to Completion

Aug 14, 2019

When White Shutter Winery and Vineyard came to Mammoth back in 2018, they brought a few sketches on dinner napkins and a cute drawing by their daughter. These were the pieces of inspiration that our graphics team used to develop labels for their brand new winery.

The graphics team went work bringing these concepts to fruition, and now they grace the bottles of their wine and ciders. Look for the little unicorn horn on their labels…it’s hidden in every design!

The Inspiration

This unicorn concept was sketched by the vintner’s daughter – we love it!

This line drawing shows the concept behind the Southern Cross wine label giving our design team a great foundation to work with. Compare to the final product below – the finished wine label is really impressive!

It’s so much fun to receive a concept that’s clearly a labor of love. You can easily get a sense for the excitement and passion the vintner has for this creation when you see their artistic impression of what they want the wine label to look like. This amazingly colorful, bold concept says so much about the vintage inside! 

The Finished Wine Label Designs

Wineries – a Labor of Love

Wineries are a labor of love for vintners. Most have quit their jobs to follow their passion of all things grapes and wine. So when we are approached by a new winery to help them develop their brand – their baby – we take it very seriously. They are trusting us to take this concept and turn it into reality; something they can see and touch.

We are able to guide them through the design and approval process, ensuring the TTB (Alcohol and Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau) labeling guidelines are met. Our graphics team knows where the ABV needs to appear, what the warning verbiage is and where it needs to go, as well as the restrictions on what you can and can’t call a wine. While we can’t always know what the TTB is thinking, we do know the rules, guidelines and what will get a big “no-no” from them.

Concept/Completed Wine Labels

Hover over the images below to go from seeing the inspiration given to our design team, to the completed wine label.

Proverbs American Concord Port

Silver Crest Cellars Cabernet Franc Grand River Valley

Porch Swing Dry White Wine

Whenever we create labels for a client like our winery clients, our design team provides wineries the file formats the TTB requires, and we also provide art files so they can use them in their own marketing and websites. That way you stay in control of your branding and your business grows and expands over time.

Wine Bottle Label and Logo Package

If you look on the front page of our website (go ahead, we’ll wait), Dragonfly Vineyard & Wine Cellar was another winery that we not only designed the wine labels for, but their entire logo package. It’s one we’re particularly proud of, not only for the work we created, but the story behind their company as well.

The Dragonfly is a symbol of healing for the vintners. We were grateful for the opportunity and honored they chose us to be a part of their story. While creating a full logo package isn’t something we typically do, we are very please we were able to create something the family can look at and smile.

Wine Labels. Our Expertise.

With over 45 winery clients across the US, more and more wineries are turning to Mammoth to know which paper/materials are best suited for their design – whether a smooth finish of a semi-gloss, matte or shiny, or a more formal look of a linen or estate stock. Maybe a hot foil or emboss works best for their brand? Perhaps their wine bottles would look best with metallic? The options are absolutely endless, and we’re here to advise and guide that decision.

Think about when you stand in front of an aisle of wine bottles. No two are the same! It takes skill, insight and experience to know what it takes to get noticed. We have what it takes to stand out on that shelf, and we can help make that happen.

Mammoth Wine Labels

Whether you’re starting a new winery, growing an existing one or evolving your brand, the next time you need help creating custom wine labels, remember Mammoth. We can change it from an agonizing, expensive ordeal into the fun, creative experience it should be. And feel free to take a look at some examples of our work.

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