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Process for Making Durable Labels for Chemicals & Manufacturing

There’s so much more to creating durable labels in the chemicals and manufacturing industries. It’s not as simple as designing a label with your logo, slapping it on the product, and shipping it out. 

So how can you make sure all of your bases are covered as you embark on new label creation for your products? Time is money, so how can you also make sure the process for creating those labels is as smooth and efficient as possible?

The answer, thankfully, is simple: Work with a label maker who knows the ins and outs of designing labels for manufacturing. Look for someone with a concise, clear process.

Step 1: Label Design

Before any label maker can choose the right type of label and the correct adhesive for your product’s surface, they need a label size and design. The label size is determined by your application. See if your container supplier can give you a recommended label or printing area. If not, try cutting pieces of paper and taping them on the product until you find the right size. 

Graphic designers can use your brand colors, logo, and product label requirements to bring your vision to life. Here at Mammoth, we have a graphics/pre-press team that can take your inspiration and turn it into your label artwork. We also have a few third party graphic designers we can refer you to, if needed.

Step 2: Design Approval

Once your durable label is designed, you’ll receive a PDF proof to carefully review. Make sure you carefully review the text, colors, artwork elements, white file (for metallic or clear materials) etc. to verify that everything is exactly how you want it to print. Once you give the green light, we’ll use the final file to print.

Want to see what your label will look like printed before the full quantity is printed? Ask about “Press Proofs.” For a nominal charge, we can set your label up for printing and finishing – just not die cut. This will give you a preview of what your final label will look like once printed. If you want to see a few different finishes, press proofs are an easy way to see which designs and finishes you like best.

Step 3: Materials

Now that we know what your label will look like, we’ll talk with you about your product’s surface materials (what the label will stick to) so we can figure out the type of adhesive needed. We’ll also need to know what type of environment your product will be stored in (for example, a freezer with cold temperatures), as this will also dictate the type of label materials used.

The best approach is to learn the exact application for your labels so we can match the material and adhesive to create the most durable label possible for your products. That way you can also learn the different types of adhesives and why a “permanent” adhesive doesn’t fit all “permanent” applications.

From freezer-friendly to reclosable; wet apply to fully removable, we have the adhesive to best fit your application.

Step 4: Secondary Packaging

Primary packaging is what your product lives in. Secondary packaging is the boxes and containers that your product ships in on its way to retailers and suppliers — and it’s important, too.

Our marking and coding system designs can use your secondary packaging labels to track and identify your inventory. This includes expiration dates, cautions and warnings, if any, and all the necessary information to keep your products moving.

Step 5: Printing & Placement

Once we have all of the above finalized, we move on to printing your labels. In a manufacturing plant, labeling within an assembly process is made simple. We can create custom labeling and marking tools that fit into your production cycle with minimal interruptions.

Sure, there’s more to durable label creation in the chemicals and manufacturing industries than meets the eye. But when you team up with expert label makers who make the process simple, you can rest easy knowing all of the bases are covered and your labels are on the way.

How We Can Help

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