Deli Labels

Label Considerations for Deli Meats and Dry Goods

If you’re a food supplier, you probably have high standards for your products. Your meats, cheeses, or dry goods should taste great so consumers keep coming back for more. But in order to establish that initial credibility, trustworthiness, freshness, and customer loyalty, your packaging is front and center.

That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with your deli label options. Which factors are must-haves, and which are nice-to-haves? How can you ensure your packaging maintains the quality of your product while informing consumers about that high quality?

Let’s go over label considerations for your food products.

Food Label Requirements

Make sure your packing displays all necessary and applicable information. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all foods display certain information on their labels. It should have:

  • Statement of identity
  • Net quantity
  • Nutrition facts
  • Ingredients list
  • Manufacturers address


For food product safety, consider tamper evident seals. It’s great for beverage bottles, medicine bottles, salsa jars or any product packaging. Not only does it look professional, it also adds peace of mind for consumers who want to know that their foods and drinks are fresh and safe.

Work with your label maker to ensure your packaging covers all of the bases for food label requirements and safety.

Cheese Labels

Storing Conditions

Meat and cheese products are two examples of foods that need labels that can withstand extreme temperatures. They have to be kept in a refrigerator or frozen, so labels need to hold up in those extremes. 

The right adhesive and material combination is vital in these instances. Not all adhesives are created equal and not all are able to withstand the freeze/thaw/moisture combination. Extreme temperature labels can withstand sub-zero cold to over 500 degrees F, and they’re also greaseproof, abrasion-resistant, and fade-resistant. 

In terms of adhesive, these pressure sensitive labels stick onto a product’s surface, and they don’t require heat, water or special solvents to stick. They can easily be removed if needed, and they can endure harsh environments.


Your packaging and labels are what consumers see right away on the shelf. It’s a first impression of your brand and an opportunity to establish trust. If your packaging looks amateur, cheap, or low-quality, consumers won’t believe the product inside is any different. Use the label to showcase how impressive your brand (and your product) truly is.

With the right label maker by your side, you can avoid downtime due to quality. Professional label makers will ensure that the materials chosen, the design, production, application, and everything else about your labels is done right and is impressive to buyers.


Your business depends on sales and revenue to succeed. That means you can’t blow your budget on expensive packaging, yet you can’t skimp on quality. Is there a middle ground? Certainly. You can find an affordable label maker that will partner with you to create impeccable labels, allowing you to stay competitive in your market.

As you work to get your food products like deli meats, cheeses, and dry goods on store shelves, trust that the labels will be done right and in an efficient timeframe. We know your business depends on it.

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