How to Make Soap Labels Stand Out from the Competition

There’s no such thing as too much soap during a global pandemic. But despite the high demand for cleansers and antibacterial agents, there’s still competition. You still have to make the effort to separate your soap products from your competitors, because consumers still have a choice. Will they choose you?

If you spend time and effort setting your soap labels a part, you will see the benefits. The label is the first impression of your product. If your labels say high quality, professionalism and clarity, consumers will be more likely to trust your brand — and purchase it.

So, here’s what to consider if you want to stand out from competition:

Durable Materials

Soap labels can experience harsh, humid environments and lots of surface wear, so you should select label materials that are durable, capable, and the perfect fit for your product. Whether it’s the competitive environment of a store shelf or the heat and humidity of the bathroom, your label needs to endure well.

FDA-Compliant Information

Soap contains ingredients that consumers have a right to know about before they use it. After all, they’re lathering the product on their bodies. Health and beauty products like soap often require FDA-compliant labels for: 

  • Ingredients lists
  • Expiration dates
  • Warnings, if applicable

Make sure your labels have all of this information displayed in an easy-to-find and understandable way.

Unique Applications

Who says your labels can’t venture outside the box? Instead of using the same traditional materials and applications that your competitors use, try something different. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers label types and application techniques like no other, including embossing, sleek die cuts and foil stamping.

Consider Embossed Labels

Soap is a sensory experience that uses the sense of touch. Why not bring that sensory experience into your labels? You can with embossed labels, which have images, letterings, textures or any part of the design pressed into the label. This creates a textured effect that invites touching and uses available light to add interesting shading and depth.

There are also new special adhesives, made just for soap! The label sticks to the soap (or candle) and leaves no sticky residue when removed.

Try Foil Stamping

Want to truly stand out? Here’s an idea: By adding hot or cold foil to your labels, they take on a bold look that’s hard to miss, helping to command the attention your product deserves. These types of labels have a metallic, iridescent or holographic effect that can’t be achieved with a normal printing press. It’s a guaranteed way to be bold.

Go Custom

An easy way to blend in on store shelves is to go with a templated label design that other competitors can get their hands on, too. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, work with label experts to create a unique label from scratch using specialized materials and equipment. You’ll stand out, impress your customers, and make your competitors wish they had your labels.

One of the smartest ways to set your soap products a part on store shelves is through the labels. It’s most likely the first thing customers see and the first impression you will make. Will they be impressed? And ultimately, will they choose your soap over your competitors’?

How We Can Help

Now that you have some ideas for your soap labels, we’re here to help get you started. Let’s talk about what Mammoth can do for you. Contact our digital label experts today for the innovative solutions that can make your products truly shine.