Enhance Your Wine’s First Impression with Embossed Labels

Dec 13, 2019

When choosing label designs for your wine, you need something that suits the perfection of the bottle’s contents.

You need a label that conveys the attention to detail and refinement represented in your product. A label that matches your brand image, and conveys it immediately on first glance. Something that reflects that perfection as soon as its seen, and stays in the viewer’s mind.

You Determine Your Bottle’s First Impression

First impressions are everything.

And they are the one thing you can definitively control when it comes to informing a customer’s purchase. When perusing bottles, they don’t know much about your wine, but they quickly get an idea by its presentation. And that’s what matters.

Consumers form first impressions in a split second, and they do so primarily based on a bottle’s label design. Before they look at a wine’s vintage, varietal, or year, they’ll notice the design of the label that conveys that info. And when its comes to labels, small decisions matter.

A bottle needs particular details to make it stand out and properly represent the quality it contains. These details need to be memorable, too, so customers immediately recognize their favorite bottle when they return to buy it again.

You Need a Label Customers Will Remember

Imagine you try a wine at a party.

Your friend offers a glass. You spend no more than a second to glance at the label when you say “yes,” or when you go back for another pour. Do you remember that label? Do you remember it well enough to pick it out in the wine isle, next week? If it’s a good label, you will remember.

The details of a brand image encompass its associations. If a person likes your product, your wine, they need tangible associations in order for it to stand out in their memory. They need to see, and, most importantly, feel, details that stand out.

We Know Details That Stand Out

We recommend an embossed label to make your label design literally stand out.

Embossed labels provide not only an excitingly three-dimensional image, but a feeling to associate with a fine and elegantly-labeled wine.  They provide shading and depth, creating an image easily associable with the quality wine represented in a customer’s mind. It is the kind of detail that matters.

Create a Label That Matters

Create a first impression that’ll make them come back for more. Discover our embossed label design offerings, or contact us at Mammoth Labels & Packaging to discuss the creation of your label today.


Let's start a conversation sooner rather than later. You might be surprised at how much time and money we can save you by consulting with us first. We look forward to helping you out.

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