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Die Cut Labels: Customizing Through Shape

Let’s start with the basics. Die cut labels don’t print within the borders of an already-cut sheet of labels. Instead, the labels print on a blank sheet of material, then the custom shape is die cut out of the sheet. Because of this, you shouldn’t use a die cut label if you don’t need to. On the other end of the spectrum, some products require the customization of this type of packaging label.

When to Use Custom Die Cut Labels

When you need a designed label for a traditional-sized item, like a wine bottle or tube-sized beauty product, you can go with pressure sensitive labels in a more commonly used, traditional shape. Die cut labels are typically used for unusually shaped packages, or as a unique branding piece – for example, a hexagon shaped candle label.

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Die Cut Label Advantages

A label doesn’t have to be square, round or rectangle. A custom die cut label is a unique shape, so it can do wonders for your logo, your brand and your product. The ability to use fun shapes with the label allows you to create a statement that’s far from what your competitors are doing. It helps your product stand out on store shelves and attract attention from new buyers.

The die cut label printing process is fairly quick and repeatable once perfected, and the labels are usually easy to apply to the product after printing. Even though you’d think the intricate shapes would make die cut labels expensive, they’re actually quite affordable when printed in bulk quantities. Of course, this varies depending on the type of die cutting process (like flatbed, rotary, semi-rotary, or laser die cutting), so talk to your label designer about what process they use and how it will affect pricing.

Die Cut Label — All in the Details

There are only a few cons to using custom die cut labels for unusually shaped items. While working with an experienced label designer will lead to a successful end result, that’s not to say that the die cutting process isn’t complex. It’s an intricate process that requires precision for the highest quality results. Sometimes that means taking extra time to ensure the dies are aligned correctly, which reduces minuscule shifts of the material, for example. It takes a skilled label company to pull off these types of custom labels.

Also, when you go with a custom designed die cut label, that means you aren’t using a pre-made, common shape (such as a rectangle, circle, or square). Because of that, custom die cut labels require a new die cut tool. That often adds some production time and additional cost to your project. Don’t forget, however, that the custom shape the die cutting process creates is actually one of its perks — this is what gives your label the unique look your competitors won’t have.

Printing a custom die cut label that’s unique to your product and brand doesn’t have to feel impossible. With the right label and packaging company by your side, you can rest easy knowing your product labels will be exactly what you need.

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