Custom Beer Labels

Custom Beer Can Labels that Stand Out on Shelves

IPAs, porters, pilsners, lagers, stouts — the list of beer types goes on. And there are 7,450 breweries in the United States, which means a lot of competition. How can you make sure your individual beer cans and bottles stand out from the crowd? 

80% of consumers try a new beer based on the labels alone. Custom beer labels have the power to draw people to your product. They’re capable of compelling buyers to select your beer over a competitor’s sitting next to yours on store shelves. Label designs that are most impactful are eye-catching, attractive, high-quality, and unique. They’re the ones that are truly one-of-a-kind.

How can you make sure your beer labels fall into this category? Consider some (or all) of these guidelines:

Use Bold Colors

These tea beer labels put the Wild Ohio Brewing logo front and center, which immediately gives the product some flair. Add in bright punches of color based on the beer tea flavor and you’ve got a can that can’t be missed. Differentiators like “gluten free” and “100 calories” are called out prominently. Must-know information like ingredients are listed, too. It’s the perfect balance of details and design.

Customer Beer Labels

Be Different

Don’t be afraid to create a custom beer label that steps outside the box — that’s what standing out is all about. This Double Dare Double IPA label required something memorable, durable & on-brand. But as you know, beer brewing is a competitive market, and your brand name and label can make or break your business. Take a chance. Don’t settle for the same traditional templates everyone else is using. Go custom and be different.

Use Pictures or Drawings

Who says your beer label should only have words? One way to set yourself apart from competition is to tell a story on your label with images, drawings, or other artwork. This example of Leatherhead IPA puts an image front and center, immediately capturing attention. Especially among football-loving beer drinkers, this one is hard to pass by.

Custom Beer Labels
Beer Label

Layer Your Elements

One way to get everything you want into a small space is to add layers, like this example from Normaltown Brewing Co. A unique font is positioned atop artwork and a detailed background, adding intricacy and drawing eyes. Think about seeing this beer can on a store shelf next to something with a simple templated design. Which one would you notice first?

Make a Good Impression

Your labels set the tone for the entire customer experience with your beer and your brand. After all, customers see your label before they ever taste your beer. What vibe do you want to give customers before they pop the top on that beer can? Using the right combination of imagery, colors, and fonts, this design gives off a laid-back, relaxation vibe — just what the brand was going for, considering the name of the beer (Backyard Crusher).

Beer Can Label

Blending in on store shelves with a mediocre label won’t help your bottom line, but a professionally-designed, unique beer label will. After all, it’s the first thing people use to compare your beer to competitors (before they taste the difference, of course). Use your custom beer label to tell a story, stand out, and build long-lasting relationships with customers who will keep coming back for more. 

How We Can Help

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