Create Trust in Your CBD Products With Multi-Layer Labels

Nov 12, 2019

Ever pick up a supplement and find its labeling has way too much to say?

A CBD supplement bottle, for instance: Covered all over in such a head-spinning clutter of FDA rules, supplement facts, and caution statements there’s no telling what’s important. It’s intimidating, really. It looks alien compared to the clean, professional packaging you expect from a high-quality supplement. Anyone would be tempted to put it back on the shelf and choose something with fewer “warning” signs and long, chemistry-sounding details on the back.

Or maybe it doesn’t say enough.

Maybe you’ve picked up an extract bottle and it’s got the opposite problem: Nearly no information at all. No sourcing or medical info. Just some sketchy, small label proclaiming an active CBD percent value. Not very trustworthy, especially if you’re a new customer leery of trying the product. Again, you’ll probably put it back and choose something else, probably something more trustworthy and traditional looking.

Your packaging doesn’t need to be like that!

Multi-Layer Labels strike the perfect balance.

Let’s face it, with the rush of CBD products that have hit the market recently, many don’t have very trustworthy or professional packaging. They are missing the details we expect of mainstream, trustworthy supplements. Something that enables an elegant presentation while including all the important information you both want and need to include on packaging: Multi-Layer labels.

When you pick up a well-designed supplement bottle, you don’t expect to find a miserable mess of tiny text on the back. Nor do you want to find a suspicious lack of info. Instead, you know to find the same compact, trustworthy presentation we expect of such products: A tidy label with all of the info pertinent to informing your purchase; and in the corner of that label, a handy pull-tab that unfolds everything else you may need to see. A multi-layer label.

CBD product packaging can benefit from this compact, trustworthy labeling style customer expect. With a multi-layer label, you can provide all the required FDA rules, caution statements, ingredients, and active CBD amounts while also including your endearing marketing copy. Let your customers know a little about what CBD is, about its benefits, and maybe let them get to know your company at the same time. 

Create Trust

Create packaging for your CBD product with all the info you need and want, all while creating the kind of presentation consumers know they can trust. Contact us at Mammoth Labels & Packaging, and let our experts help you create your multi-layer label today!


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