CBD Labels

CBD Label Examples and Ideas

The CBD market is growing more competitive by the day. Since CBD products come in so many forms, manufacturers like you have to think through a wide range of packaging. What should your CBD labels look like? How can you get all of the necessary details on such a small space? And how can you make sure the labels make your product stand out from competitors? 

It always helps to see examples of what others are doing in the CBD label space. Whether you already have powerful branding for your custom labels, or you’re in the early stages of launching your CBD company, these examples are sure to help inspire your vision.

As you research what other CBD labels look like, keep these questions in mind:

  • What do you like most about the label design on the product?
  • What do dislike about the design?
  • How much information does the label provide? Is it too much, or not enough?
  • What kind of font and imagery are they using?
  • What’s the text-to-image ratio? Is it sufficient?

CBD Label Inspiration

CBD Label Colors

Contrasting colors

One way to make sure your CBD products stand out against competitors is to use vibrant colors. If your brand has bold coloring, don’t be afraid to flaunt it bravely on your labels. Use your highest contrasting color to call out important text that you want consumers to see right away. Be sure to include elements of your brand, such as your logo and tagline, prominently. 

The right adhesive and materials

Cannabis or CBD labels should be able to endure a lot — after all, their environments can range from cold to hot, and they get a lot of wear. Cannabis or CBD labels often have to be greaseproof, abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant or able to handle other rough conditions. That means using the right label materials is a make-or-break decision. With professional label makers by your side, however, you can ensure your labels are as high-quality as your product itself.

CBD Label Materials
CBD Label sizes

Small Sizes

CBD products often come in small jars or tubes. Packing the right amount of information in such a small space can be tricky. It requires complete design efficiency to make use of the small size while maintaining enough white space. You don’t want to overwhelm the consumer. By working with a label designer, you can ensure your CBD labels showcase your brand efficiently and display must-have FDA-compliant information, no matter the size of the label. 


Sometimes less is more. That popular phrase is definitely true when it comes to cannabis or CBD labels. You can see in this example the perfect mix of color, contrast, and text. It’s not overwhelming, yet it provides the information the consumer needs to know. It’s also FDA-compliant, like all health and beauty products should be. This label example contains:

  • Front: flavor and total MG CBD
  • Left: how many servings per bottle and how MG per serving
  • Right: ingredients

That’s it! If you’re stressed about the components of your label, remember how this CBD label example makes the most of minimal details.

CBD Label Upness

CBD labels have to make the product stand out, but in a good way. They must also meet clear-cut FDA requirements. Now that you’ve seen some design inspiration, work with a label creator to bring your vision to life. Turn your CBD products into something that consumers will recognize and quickly snatch off store shelves.

How We Can Help

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