The Complete Packaging Solution

Oct 3, 2019

Mammoth Labels & Packaging offers a unique competitive advantage that few label or packaging providers can. We offer the complete Packaging Solution – in a nut shell, we not only help you design and print your labels, we also provide labeling solutions to help you automatically apply them to your products. In addition, as a packaging equipment distributor, we offer equipment solutions to help you automate your production process with a variety of inkjet printers, laser markers, conveyors, case sealers, stretch wrappers and more… The TOTAL package solution!


Let’s break all that down a bit for you by starting at the beginning. 

1. Graphic Design

At Mammoth, we have the graphic services that will help you design the perfect label for your product. Whether it’s a wine label full of vibrant colors on an estate stock or a simple candle warning label on semi-gloss, we can walk you through the government requirements, if necessary, and design a label you’ll be proud to show off.


2. Printing and Finishing

Next, we will use our high-tech digital or flexographic printing technologies to print your product labels. Then we will finish them with all the embellishments, finishes and flair you desire. Finally, we will pack them up with care and ship them to you or your co-packer.


3. Application

Now that your labels have arrived, you could be wondering how in the world are you going to label thousands of products in an efficient and cost-effective way? We have you covered with our CTM and Auto Labe line of automated and semi-automatic label applicator equipment. Need something smaller scale? We have those too! We are a distributor of Primera label applicators – perfect for smaller batches. Take a look at this demo video of an Auto Labe brewery can labeler in action.


4. Carton Labeling

Once your product is labeled, we can even help you label, print and apply or inkjet your cartons for inventory or shipping. With our lines of CTM, Videojet, inc.jet and Matthews systems, your product cartons will be clearly labeled or marked with its contents, date codes and bar codes – whatever you’d like the cartons identification to read.

We're proud of the brands we serve

Mammoth makes labeling easy

Designing the perfect packaging solution can be daunting, but with Mammoth by your side, we make those worries fade and turn your attention back to the love of the product you created.


Let's start a conversation sooner rather than later. You might be surprised at how much time and money we can save you by consulting with us first. We look forward to helping you out.

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